Campaign Management

ADS will provide the vision, focus and experience you need to achieve unprecedented returns in your campaign. Our executives manage all aspects of your campaign, leaving you free to focus on serving your members and industry partners.

Achieve unprecedented campaign results

Campaigns are about visionary achievement. They are about “big ideas” that can move an organization into the future, providing members, other constituents, and entire industries with innovative tools such as research, education, and advocacy. Unlike ongoing, renewable fundraising efforts, campaigns are planned, organized, and executed over the course of a finite timetable, during which fundraising activities are very intensive. While an organization’s staff and volunteer leaders often do not have the bandwidth to focus on these activities, ADS works with our clients from beginning to end – from communicating your fundraising needs, to recruiting and engaging with volunteer leaders, organizing your prospect pool, and building and executing a plan, based on years of experience assisting with successful association and foundation campaigns.

An ADS-managed campaign can ensure that your organization’s goals are achieved, while freeing up your staff to continue to be successful in their roles.