Corporate Fundraising

ADS will work with you to establish a giving program that helps your organization expand its base of current supporters and enhance its future development potential.

Establish meaningful Partnerships

While partnering with your corporate constituency leads to useful funding, these relationships also represent collaborative opportunities that can have a substantial impact on your organization and its members. Corporate stakeholders represent increasingly valuable insights that drive thought leadership and, inevitably, help shape the future of industries and professions. Identifying strategies that bridge the gap between your association’s vision and corporate interest can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships that offer substantial returns and transformational results.

ADS consultants have extensive experience facilitating relationships between corporations and associations. Years of brokering these partnerships has led to an intimate understanding of what motivates corporate decision-making and how to connect the value between resources and outcomes. We work with you to explore all possible avenues for partnership and guide you through a methodical approach to corporate cultivation.