Client Case Study

American Vascular Association.

American Vascular Association

Following a thorough and comprehensive planning study, American Vascular Association (AVA) retained Association Development Solutions (ADS) to conduct a $2 million capital campaign for education and research. The successful drive culminated with nearly $3 million pledged from members and corporations. Highlighting the effort was a historic $1 million commitment from Abbot Vascular. Prior to the campaign the Foundation was dependent upon annual support from the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS). The campaign eliminated this dependency on Societal funding and enabled the Foundation to serve as a catalyst for new SVS initiatives.

Client: $2 Million Capital Campaign

Project: Campaign for education and research


  • Exceeded fundraising goal by 50%
  • Secured first-ever seven-figure investment
  • Eliminated Foundation’s dependency on Societal funding

Becky Maron

Becky Maron

Executive Director

Society for Vascular Surgery
“Even with corporations hemorrhaging and personal wealth in free-fall, ADS continues to help us secure six- and seven-figure corporate commitments as well as historic member pledges. If you are unsure where to turn, I encourage you to call ADS fundraising.”