Future Members Are Future Donors

Future Members Are Future Donors

Future members are future donors.

Generation Z, which includes anyone born after 1997, is starting to enter the workforce across all industries. In a few years, they’ll begin holding management-level positions and will be in a position to make key decisions for their organizations. They’ll set policy, drive strategy, and determine the future direction of the business world. Attracting this new generation to your association is the great opportunity of the decade. Now is the time to commit them to your mission and vision so you don’t miss out on their potential as members and donors.

So, who are they? They are practical, yet idealistic. Born into a digital world, they are tech-savvy and wary of being sold to, but understand and appreciate the power of community. Social media has always been an part of their life, and they have a deep understanding of the online landscape.  According to Pew Research Center, they are on track to be the most educated generation in history.

Simply put, Generation Z is the future, and it’s time to be strategizing around how to attract them as members and donors.

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At ADS, we have our finger on the pulse of the next generation and ready to help you tap into this growing demographic of donors.